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Women's Ministries Service Projects 2015
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The Women at Temple of Praise will be partnering with the Domestic Violence & Child Advocacy Center collecting old and non usable or usable cell phones. The Center will clean the phones of any info you still have on them and refurbish them for women taking the "First Step" on a new, safer  journey

We would feel honored to have your participation. You can be a facilitator by asking your fellow employees, neighbors, family and friends to participate as you collect old and non working cell phones.  You can drop phones collected to the church. We are availabe to accept items any Saturday 9:AM-PM or Wednesday 7:PM-8:PM. Thank you in advance.

We hope anyone reading this will participate by praying for this endeavor as well as for the recipients and by sharing this info from the least to the largest.

Thank you
Marilyn Reid 

Our Community Service Volunteers are serving over 200 women each month and there has been a request for the following items. We again pray you will share this with those you know to be a blessing to those who for whatever reason are in a season of need

 ziplock bags, travel size-toothbrushes, toothpaste, lotions,shampoos/conditioners, soaps, individually wrapped maxi-pads, We need 200 of each and this will be an ongoing project. This has bben more challenging than we had hoped. This post is with many prayers for much suppoort. 

Will keep you updated on our progress.

Thanks in advance


P.S. if you need more info call 216-531-9268, leave your name, number, and which items your call is in regards to.