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Food Combining - Fruits
Acid Fruits
Cranberries Gooseberries Grapefruit Kiwi Kumquat
Limes Oranges Pineapple Pomegranates Raspberries Sour Plums Strawberries        -Tangelos Tangerines Tomatoes
Do Not Combine-
Sweet Fruits
Bananas Dates Figs Muscat Grapes Papaya Persimmon Prunes Raisins Thompson Grapes Other Dried Fruits
digests poorly together
Sub-Acid Fruits
Apples Apricots Blackberries Blueberries Cherries Guava Kiwi Mangos Most Grapes Nectarines Papaya Passion Fruit Peaches Pears Plums
Combine -
digests well together
Combine digests well together
Do Not Combine Fruits with Vegetables or Grains
An exception to this rule is that you may combine leaf lettuce or celery with fruits to help deal with the
        excessive sugar.
Cantalope   Casaba      Crenshaw      Honey Dew
Persian Watermelon

Eat melons alone or leave them alone, as they do not digest well with other foods. Any of the melons can be combined with each other, however.
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